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Steel Anything

We recently connected with a friend from 35 years ago, Andrew, who we knew before we even started our antique business. He popped in for a visit and was amazed at our shop. He shares our love of old things and has quite an artistic talent himself. This talent is currently being used to create objects from salvaged steel and iron, which are exemplified by the sink seen below. We have put his skills to work this summer helping us out with our rock projects, deliverys and setting up at flea markets. Its great to have friends that work for free:)  sadly he will soon be heading back home to Canada.

scrap iron and steel creations,

Steel Anything

canadian sparkle boulder at charlies antiques in williamsburg va

Andrew and Charlie with Canadian Boulder


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  1. I am enamored with your vast collection of garden ornament! I am both a landscape designer (near Portland, OR) and a garden author. I am currently writing my second book for Timber Press. Its title is “The Designer’s Guide to Garden Furnishings”. I would love to interview you about your business and discuss including information about you and a few photos within my book. In addition, you would be included in my resource index. If you are interested, please respond via email and we can go from there. Ultimately, I would need from you some high-res, publishing-worthy photos and your written permission to allow Timber Press to publish them. I look forward to hearing from you!

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