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Old Seltzer Bottles and “Water For Elephants”

antique seltzer bottles at charlies antiques in williamsburg va
Old Seltzer Bottles

I had a great Mothers Day. Breakfast out, dinner out and went to see a good movie called Water for Elephants. In one of the scenes where they were celebrating one of the main characters joining the circus, they sprayed him using a seltzer bottle like the ones pictured here. Charlie bought about 100 of these bottles about 10 years ago from a dealer in England. We have never sold them until recently and I think it must have been because of the movie. Just a theory but I have sold about 16 of them in the past 2 weeks.  They are made of really thick glass and are quite heavy.  We are not sure how to get them to spray so if anyone has any ideas on that please let us know. They are a fun accent piece and a great buy at $5.00 each!


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  1. A carbon dioxide cartridge is inserted into its holder and placed in the slot on the side of the head; the holder pierces the cartridge, allowing carbon dioxide to flow into the base through the tube. shake the seltzer bottle for 10 to 15 seconds to disperse the carbon dioxide throughout the water. This gas is what carbonates the water. After shaking the bottle, the cartridge holder is removed from the head, and the seltzer water is ready to disperse by squeezing the handle located on the head.

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