Handmade Sterling Jewelry

While in Peru shopping we found a wonderful family owned shop that made beautiful sterling jewelry. They have been hand making jewelry for a few generations and the detail and craftsmanship is exquisite! One of the owners Yllich showed us his workshop where the items are created. His grandfather taught him and his brothers how to make good quality gold and silver jewelry. It was a real joy to see how it was made and how much time and detail was put into their work. It was the highlight of our trip!  We brought the pieces pictured back with us. They have many,many more beautiful pieces in their store called Joyitas in Cusco. We are hoping that Yllich will come over to the states and visit our shop and bring some of his pieces with himhandmade sterling necklace from peru at charlies antiques in williamsburg vahandmade sterling bracelet made in peru at charlies antiques in williamsburg va

handmade sterling jewelry from peru at charlies antiques in williamsburg va

Yllich and Charlie

handmade sterling necklace from peru at charlies antiques in williamsburg vahandmade sterling bracelets made in Peru at charlies antiques in williamsburg va


Back from Peru

We just got back from our annual trip to Peru. This trip was no exception for the colorful,beautiful sights we always see! We shopped and shopped and brought back an assortment of textiles and jewelry. The trip was not without a few complications as usual, when we arrived in Cusco we found out our hotel reservations had been cancelled because of a fire.  But luckily it was a small hotel chain called Terra Viva and they had another hotel in Cusco that they rerouted us too. It was just another 1000 feet up the mountainside so we got plenty of exercise getting to it. So for the extra hiking they comped us a free lunch at a fantastic restaurant. Best food we had on this trip.  The weather was cool but nice. We also went to Lima which was 82 degrees. I will be posting more when I get some pictures of the beautiful handmade jewelry we bought.peruvian alpaca shawl, silky scarves from peru at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaalpaca poncho with crochet edging from Peru at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaalpaca shawl from peru,colorful textiles at charlies antiques in williamsburg va


Antique Horse Drawn Sleigh

antique horse drawn cutter sleigh with shafts,at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaAt our shop in Lightfoot we have this wonderfully nostalgic horse drawn sleigh. Great time of year to display in your yard or large family room by your Christmas tree! From about 1880 and we also have the wooden shafts with it.We also have old sleigh bells!


Fantastic Inkwell

double tiger oak inkwell with brass edging at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaantique double inkwell made from tiger eye oak at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaCharlie just acquired this beautiful double inkwell desk. It is made out of tiger oak wood with a drawer for paper. It has a wonderful hand painted porcelain medallion of a child in the center. Fancy brass decorative pieces adorn the top edges all the way around. If you collect inkwells ,fancy boxes or desk sets you should seriously consider this piece. It is absolutely stunning!antique double inkwell at charlies antiques in williamsburg va


Oak Kitchen Cupboard

vintage oak kitchen cabinet for a country kitchen at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaWe have a great selection of new and old furniture in our 2 shops in Lightfoot. Come see this great old oak kitchen cupboard at the shop with Antiques on the front. The one 3 doors down has Charlie’s on the front so that is how we distinguish one from the other! Along with the 2 top glass doors it has 2 pull down flour bins which would be great for a country kitchen.


Grand Opening of new shop!

antiques and vintage items at charlies antiques grand opening in williamsburg va


Bamboo Tiki Hut

bamboo gazebo or tiki hut for backyard ornamentation or poolside at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaWe have a really cool bamboo room size hut that would make a great backyard room. Comes with a large table and is fairly easy to assemble. Would also be great for beside a pool!


Spring is Here!

landscaping rock, boulders for garden ponds and waterfalls at charlies antiques in toano vaNow that spring and warmer weather have arrived the frogs are appearing and you can hear them croaking in the ponds. This little guy appeared and we decided to call him Fred. He popped out of our marble ball fountain and proceeded to hop around the rocks looking like he was trying to move them around! Wish he was a little bigger because we can always use help moving all the landscaping rocks we have here! If you are planning a project using rocks we have a great selection and some good specials going on. Stop by and see us and we will be glad to help you out!


24 inch antique vases on sale now!

antique blue and white oriental 24 inch vases,celedon background chinese vasesWe are opening a new shop 3 doors down from our shop in Lightfoot so we have been cleaning out the attic and putting old stock on sale at the shop in Toano. These 24 inch vases are old and make great accent pieces or turn them into an amazing big lamp. They were $295 each and now they are $195 each. We have a great selection so if you are in the market for one hurry out and check them out!


Turquoise Jewelry

macrame jewelry, american indian turquoise bracelet, turquoise and silver crystal pendant at charlies antiques in williamsburg vaWe just returned from our annual trip to Peru. Saw wonderful things and acquired quite a few for the shop. Here are a few of the jewelry items we have for sale. The macrame necklace has a gorgeous turquoise stone with a crystal drop at the bottom. The sterling bracelet with a big turquoise stone is American Indian made. The other 2 pendants have sterling and are very large. Come and see them in person and our other new Peruvian items in our shop in Lightfoot.

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