Bronze buffalo statue at charlies antiques store in williamsburg va, Bronze statuary at charllies antiques store in williamsburg va

The Buffalo Riders

Charlies Antiques has been in business for 45 years. Charlie and Susie Crawford started the business when they were 19. The main product was furniture that was refinished and sold through their shop or antique shows. The bigger the better was Charlies motto! This motto holds true till this day because as you approach the shop you will see some of the largest stone and bronze statues available. Charlie and Susie began traveling to Europe and found new and exciting treasures there and their love of travel has taken them to Indonesia, China, Germany, England ,Scotland and Peru. Always bringing the best of the world to Toano.  Charlie started branching out into the garden industry influenced by all the beautiful gardens he saw while traveling. This has been the main focus of the business for the last 10 years. With the help of many good strong employees Charlies will continue to carry hard to find pieces that will look great in your house or yard!